Matt is a full time strength coach, part fashion consigliore extraordinaire, casual male model/ social media mogul and future Mr Olympia contender.

Currently working out of Cube Coaching in Milton, Brisbane, Matt specialises in one on one and semi private coaching, with an emphasis on strength training and working around whatever mobility issues you have to create the most appropriate training stimulus.

His clientele are exclusively rich and famous, superheroes and supermodels.. annnd everyday people who want to be strong as hell and have a next level selfie game, while enjoying the process.

Contact him on 0401040827 or via

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Self-realization from the fetal position. A sweaty, spewy tale of prowler excess.

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So far this week I’ve covered Weddings and the Gruen Transfer.  I also made some pretty amusing jokes and pop culture references. You laughed, I laughed, then you laughed again, then it got a bit awkward and quiet. Ah memories. Tonight … Continue reading

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Wedding Crashers.

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Here are a few tips for navigating the dangers of a wedding as a health conscious individual. Problem: Friend offers you a beer. Solution: drink it. Or don’t. But don’t be a pretentious dick hole about it. If your fitness … Continue reading

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The Gruen Transfer

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Have you heard of the ‘the Gruen Transfer?’ Its the name given to the engineered feeling of disorientation that you experience upon entering a large shopping centre or supermarket. Like when you go to the corner shop for some milk … Continue reading

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Strong Enough to Deload?

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“I don’t need deloads coz I’m too strong. Taking a week off is for pussies. I give 100% every time I’m in the gym.” You know who says it? Big broken humans. Sure you can bench 130, but you weigh … Continue reading

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Tulips and Percieved Value.

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  The year: 1637. The place: Holland. Picture if you will, wandering the filthy streets, kept busy by endeavouring to avoid dying from various poxs (small, chicken, black or other) or being stoked about these new gun things becoming popular, coz clearly a weapon that instantly kills people … Continue reading

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Beer and Bogans

The Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer is basically the VB of American Beers. It is a precocious little number… Cheap, extremely alcoholic, presenting with a distinct aroma of depression and married with a heady, enticing back palate of regret. (Note: That’s … Continue reading

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Faux Doctorates and Deadlifting Frequency.

Hello Nerds Its Dr Sensei Matt Valentino III pH.D here. I didn’t spend that weekend that time completing my doctorate, majoring in philosophy and lifting from the most prestigious tertiary education in the world (the internet) to be called just Sensei. My thesis … Continue reading

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Guest Post: How Top Fitness Pro’s Coach Leg Position on Pull-ups by Travis Pollen.

This gallery contains 1 photo.   Travis is an NPTI certified personal trainer and American record-holding Paralympic swimmer. He is currently pursuing his Master’s degree in Biomechanics and Movement Science at the University of Delaware. Be sure sign up for his mailing list and … Continue reading

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6 Tips to Sucker Punch Your Training and Sparta Kick Your Way to Mad Gains pt 2: the electric boogaloo.

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(I noticed all the articles on T-nation and EliteFTS all have a number and cool names. Also there are less then 6 tips coz I don’t feel the need to conform to societies preconceived moralities man… ‪#‎maverick‬) … 1. Progress. … Continue reading

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